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HTC One X system update 3.14.401.31

HTC has started pushing an update for One X, and this is the first update after Jelly Bean has been pushed to the device. This update contains important enhancements, bug fixes, including: System enhancement, and is 14.19 MB large (EU). I have just update my One X and I am sure that this will only improve experience that we got with Jelly Bean update, but remember this is only an improvident and not a major version update. It’s still worth updating. Read more for screen shots, and be sure to let us know if you got the update.















  • Mike Bazaluk

    Got the update today, any ideas what the bug fixes / enhancements are??

    • Johnny

      I have noticed better battery life, folders open faster without stuttering and camera app opens little faster.

  • stasik

    i updated, and every thing is ok, the only thing i noticed is that my battery life is reduced from 3 days to 2. maybe its connected to something different, but i did not change anything .

    • stasik

      oh, my mistake. the reason to battery drainage is that once with the upgrade, it installs Google Now. so after upgrade disable Google Now and Google Plus, and back to normal. all good now. sorry for false alarm…

  • vahe

    i can’t figure out how to make wallpaper croped ceeping the same quality. Previously it was working. but with this update……((((((