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3D Home Review

3D Home, developed by Borqs Ltd, is easily one of the most unique launchers offered in the Play Store. It is a free app offered in both regular and HD versions. The concept of skeuomorphism appears to be very prevalent throughout 3D Home, as the launcher tries to “provide a virtual room-like home for [your] handset.”

“Ever since the arrival of the iPhone in 2007, the world has clung on to flat-design[ed] smartphone UI, struggling to release ourselves from their tight and aged grasp.” This quote from the developers at Borqs Ltd, represents it’s philosophy behind 3D Home, and why it decided to break away from the pack with a unique design. “Unlike others, 3D Home is a virtual environment UI, combining a next  generation app launcher and home-screen, and radically challenges modern day smartphone conventions.” 3D Home accomplishes this “virtual environment UI” by turning your desktop into a heptagonal room with a desk in the middle of it.


The 7 walls function as homescreens, where you can place widgets and apps like you normally would, but the unique part is the skeuomorphic 3D objects that come with the launcher.  These include a TV set, speakers, mailbox, address book and many more; there is even a built-in shop if you don’t like what comes preloaded.


The desk in the launcher behaves like a dock, with a Microsoft Surface/Nexus 10 standing in for the app drawer, and places to put frequently used applications and/or objects. If you want to move stuff around on the desk, just swipe up to access it. In addition, a swipe down “reveals a breathtakingly beautiful panoramic roof which changes in real-time, to reflect the weather outside.”


There are very few options in the settings menu for 3D Home. In the style section you can choose from or buy more themes and 3D objects, as well as pick shortcut/widget background colors. Display settings allow you to toggle full screen, adjust weather options and change the field of view for the launcher. Last but not least, you can check for updates to 3D Home.


Borqs claims, “3D Home is designed to afford users a high degree of customization,” and I am inclined to agree. 3D Home is very customizable in my opinion, lots of choices for setting up your homescreen. It also functions very well, with little, to no bugs. Overall, the launcher is really great. However, 3D Home is definitely lacking in terms of appearance. The launcher just looks bland, and some of the 3D objects look pixelated. Otherwise, I would recommend it if you are looking for something unique, that “radically challenges modern day smartphone conventions,” at least when it comes to the look and feel of your desktop UI. What do you, the readers, think of 3D Home, will you be giving it a try? If so, tell us what you think about it in the comments.



Design 80%
Function 90%
Features 40%
Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a launcher, unlike any other, 3D Home is for you. It provides a refreshing design, not seen from other launcher, like Nova, Apex, or even stock.

Overall Score 70%

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