• Aleksandar Petrović

    No iPhone 5s?
    Nevertheless, HTC One would still win 😀

    • infodroidnow

      Only Android phones on this poll.

    • Tony C

      The poll is titled Top “Android” phones

    • infodroidnow

      Maybe we should tweet Tim Cook and ask if he plans to make an iPhone 5a (Android version) 😀

      • Aleksandar Petrović

        True, true..
        I misread the title. Should of added iPhone since majority of phones in the market are Android-powered ones 😀 Idea for next poll some time in future? 😉

    • Krishnaraj Raveendran Nair

      poor….apple never launched android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matheus Criscuolo

    I think z1 is the best

  • I picked the Moto X

  • Kaizen

    Sony is the BEST

  • Benny

    HTC ONE is the best

  • Zaim

    Sony Xperia Z1

  • Toni

    HTC ONE offcourse 🙂

  • HTC4ever

    I love my HTC one!

  • Moji No

    I love my HTC one

  • SpoorthyVemula

    No nexus 5?????

    • pflave

      It may have been before its launch, not 100% sure though.

      • SpoorthyVemula

        Didn’t think of that. Seems kind of odd to put a best of 2013 poll couple months before 2013 ended.

        • pflave

          Good point, we will have to think of that next time. Thanks