• Dustin Aycock

    I appreciate your guide very much. I have followed all of these steps and have updated the driver to be the Intel version. I can see my phone through ADB, My Computer, and HTC Sync, but I cannot see it through Fastboot. Any advice? You can see images of what I see on my XDA question post…

    • Samyak Ranjan

      You haven’t connected your phone in fastboot mode.
      Turn off your phone. Press Volume Down + Power button for 2-3 seconds
      You’ll see the hboot screen of your phone. Use your volume keys to navigate up or down. Power to select.
      Select fastboot and then connect your device.

  • Kyzn

    Works, tested using Sony Update Service and Flashtool x64, my Xperia now fastboots. Although it doesn’t have the blue LED color anymore. Fastboot did retain it’s purple LED though.

    Million thanks.

    • Samyak Ranjan

      My Pleasure!
      Stay connected with Droid-Now for the latest updates! 🙂

      • Bernadi Artayudianto

        windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error after step 10. What to do?

        • Reza

          Oh I have the same problem as you… . How you solved that error???!!! I tried many times but the problem persist.After that error Driver Provider changes to Intel but my mouse stop working and I cant find VID_8086. In other hand I have an unknown device in device manager since I bought my PC. (Lenovo Y510p)

          • Bernadi Artayudianto

            for my case, I just located the wrong location of driver.

          • Hitchslap

            What do you mean by that? I selected the right file (iusb3xhc) but I get the same error as in your pic

          • Bernadi Artayudianto

            I mean I selected the right file but in the wrong folder because I put a copy in another folder. Sorry, can’t help with your problem. 🙁

  • Raphael

    This is for Intel® 7 Series…

    on Intel® 6 Series what uses USB 3.0: Driver Renesas Electronics* USB 3., What I can do?

    • Samyak Ranjan

      You can try to use the similar drivers but I can’t guarantee anything.
      If it does work, let me know.

      • Aashish Arora

        No Intel Drivers on its website for Intel 6 series..Plz Help

    • Aashish Arora

      same question? 🙁

    • Matthijs

      I installed Renesas drivers downloaded from here:

      (instead of standard Microsoft generic driver)
      After that, SEMC Flash device was recognized by win 8.1

      • Jerrick Webber

        I have win 8.1 with the same USB 3.0 drivers. Which drivers from the site you linked to worked for you?

  • afri

    My usb 3.0 port is not Intel what should I do ?

    • Samyak Ranjan

      I’m sorry but I can’t guarantee anything at the moment.
      I’m looking for a common fix. If I find something, I’ll post it on the website! 🙂

  • Shahin

    Show this Way with Video Please

  • yudha

    so much Thanks dude.. It works for me

    • Samyak Ranjan

      My Pleasure!
      Stay connected with Droid-Now for the latest updates!

  • Dhyana Chetty

    it says windows has encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device at step 11

    • Samyak Ranjan

      What are your computer specifications?

      • Dhyana Chetty

        Huge problem now. I have messed something up and both USB 3.0 port has stopped working.

        Windows 8.1 Pro

        Dell inspiron 3521

        • Samyak Ranjan

          Put in your Original CD which came with the motherboard and install the Intel 3.0 USB drivers.
          If you don’t have that, search google for your motherboard drivers. 🙂

  • great tutorial – your page never did finish loading under Chrome though.. just hung.. and hung… and hung..

    • infodroidnow

      Sorry to hear that. We are planning to move the site to another server in the near future.

  • Hemant Gogia

    Thank you very much saved my life

  • abhi

    Thanks a lot .. it worked for me

  • Tolga Kütükçü

    not worked for me.

  • Ricardo Kummel

    This kills my keyboard and mouse.. Isn’t there any other way?? (Windows 8.1)

    • If by any chance your motherboard has a fastboot option for windows 8 on the bios, just turn it off, that will allow your mouse and keyboard to work properly.

      • Ricardo Kummel

        Old mobo, still BIOS, so, no, no “fastboot” option.. Yet, nothing else works. BTW, the issue is resolved with a new bootloader on the HTC One.

        • I don’t know about it being solved tin the new bootloader. But after I commented to this thread, fastboot stopped working again, and I solved it from this thread

          There are two dll files to replace under the /system32/drivers/ folder…
          Look and you’ll see,
          PS: “I had to copy the files manually to have it work”

  • nf8


    I am not able to see Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller under Universal Serial Bus controllers.

    I have Intel(R) ICH10 Family USB Enhanced Host Controller.
    Does this mean that this method will not work for me?

    Thank you.

    • pflave

      I don’t think it will matter, it should only matter that it is a host controller.

  • martin


    I’m using Windows 8.1 home premium, i7 3rd gen processor and “Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible controller” is present.Tried to follow your guide but everything ends on step 10: when I press ok i get a message:”The folder you specified doesn’t contain a compatible software driver for your device………………….”.If I try original Intel launcher(without changing file) it says that”computer doesn’t meet requirements”. What could be wrong with it?

  • Amit Tyagi

    Hey what about AMD? Could you help?

  • serpentxx

    Tried it on my Razer Blade 14″ (Win 8.1 Pro x64)
    I get to step 10 and i get the error (This device cannot start. (Code 10))
    upon which i loose control of my mouse and keyboard.
    i reset and i still cant use them so i have to do a system restore.

    Probably helps to point out that my laptop ONLY has usb 3.0 ports, no 2.0

  • nobody

    Help, after step 15 my surface pro crashes. It’s rebooting, but the driver isn’t installed. That means no usb, no sd-slot and no wifi!!!
    Is there a backup of the original driver??
    Please help

    • nobody

      without USB i even cannot reset my surface (needs USB for wipe) without wifi i cannot install drivers from somewhere else, even SD is gone!!
      Any ideas?

  • Varot Darasom

    Windows encountered a problem installing

    the driver software for your device:

    The device can not start (code 10)

    What should I do?

    I’m using MSI Z87-G45 Gaming with i5-4670k.

    • Adam Herms Shearman

      Did you end up figuring this one out? I’ve almost got the same setup except i have a z87-G65

  • fredphoesh

    nope. caused my usb3 ports to stop working. Had to uninstall those drivers and reboot.

  • Kotb Elgamasy

    wow you are genius ….it works for me .. Im flashing xperia s now . thanks.

  • Shane

    Wicked article. Sure glad I found this. Worked for me. Thanks!

  • guestcomment

    This worked – thanks so much!!
    For anyone who’s wondering this technique seemed to work for an XPERIA PLAY – although it now works on the USB3.0 port only (not the 2.0 ones) – may be the way I’ve implemented it and doesn’t bother me…

  • pflave

    If anyone here has device fastboot driver issues, try universal naked drivers from here: or Google it.

  • umar

    I forgot to restart again my pc after first driver installation and installed the second driver immediately after i cant see other devices in debice can i do it again from start

    • pflave

      Uninstall both drivers and start over.

  • Zu Vn

    Thank, It work.

  • Luqman Khalifa

    I tried this fix on my vaio fit 14, and it made my touchscreen completely unresponsive, any ideas?

  • Sergio Marco Vittorio

    Please, for me don’t work. i have not usb 3.0 portsbut 2.0 can it work? why i see in fastboot mode “unknown usb device”? i have tried this guide without success. in htc sync when phone is on, it is recognized. please help me. thanks

  • alex

    horrible tut dont know what was for who and step six not clearly defined do better man

  • mina

    thank you it working

  • Gabriel Antonio Cedeño Sánchez

    Thanks a lot! Worked like a charm on the first try. Already flashed what I needed and it went as smooth as silk. Thank you again!

  • Hitchslap

    I have Renesas USB 3.0 eXtensible Hostcontroller 0096, is that the same as the Intel one or what do I have to do?

  • papok

    I do not understand what I have to do in step 6:

    Type “shutdown.exe / r / o / f / t 00”

    Go to Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Start Up Settings -> Restart

    When I write does nothing and can not find the troubleshoot …

  • Chris

    This worked for my VZW HTC One, thanks!

  • Devendra Jogiya

    but mine is 32 bit (win 8.1)…. ?? any solution

  • Pouya

    I’ve done all the steps truly but finally I’m not able to install flashtool drivers! they failed! 🙁

  • legendryrama

    try this working…. compatibility fixed for win 8.1

  • Wuller

    Thanks! It really working 🙂

  • raid

    does this work on AMD chipset?

  • Dev Jogiya

    will it work with windows 8.1 (32 bit )

  • Lenin Joseph

    Thanks Bro, I’ve tried everything but this was the only method that worked for me 😀

  • Terrell Williams

    Dude you are the man!! It totally worked! Do you have Paypal account?
    Accepting donations for your work? You just saved me a ton of money, thanks bro!

  • Mahmood Sharif Tazo

    I tried absolutely everything in windows 8.1. By everything I mean all drivers, every adb and fastboot there is. Nothing seemed to work. I was about to pull my hairs out; my phone got stuck in the welcome logo of SlimBean. Luckily I got myself some sleep and in the morning connected to a friends laptop with Windows 7 and voila! three minutes and i had flashed boot.img and a new rom successfully. You are Welcome.

  • harry

    i am not able to get the downloads from the given links.Can anyone please post new download links.Thanks in advance.

  • harry

    can anyone please give me alternative download links as the current links are not working.

  • Hennie le Roux

    Genius! BTW, this worked in Windows 10 for me too!

  • Sharofiddin Pardayev

    It was very useful tip for me thanks a loooooot.