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dbrand Nexus 5 Skin Review

One name comes to mind when you say “quality skins”; dbrand inc. The Canadian based company is well known for its slogan “we are the boss of vinyl skins” and in this review, I have an in-depth look at the full Nexus 5 Skin.

So firstly, have a look at these pictures…

dbrand do exceptional instructional videos for all their skins and the Nexus 5 is no exception! “Relax, this is going to be easy.”

In my Nexus 5 Protection article, I listed dbrand under skins, but they now also have Screen Protectors! The screen protector video is separate from the skin installation video but I recommend you do it all at the same time. Do not place your skin on an existing screen protector.


I installed the True Color Red skin on my Nexus 5 with awesome results! I’m in awe about how easy it is to install these skins and even the screen protector went on in one go. The video helps a lot to get you ready for the installation. I watched it about 3 times while installing the skin because I’m a cautious person, but anyone else would be able to do it in under 2 or 3 minutes with pausing the video a few times.


A week later I decided to try out a different skin. Removing the skin was pretty easy as well. After getting my nail in under the red skin, the whole skin lifted off with a little pressure  and left no residue, sticky or otherwise, on the phone body.


At dbrand inc., we use only Authentic 3M vinyl on our Nexus 5 skins. That means there’s never any adhesive residue left on your device, guaranteed. We are committed to providing our customers with uncompromising quality. You can relax. We only use the highest grade materials on the planet.

The front skin and screen protector came off the easiest, due to them being on glass. The side strips were last to be taken off, because:
1) I really liked the red trim! (And you can choose any different colour piece for any part of the phone)
2) I installed it with the utmost precision! (Yet the second skin’s side trim was applied with equal precision)

The new installation went down without a hitch. The red came off and the white went on. The white skin I installed was not textured like the red skin. The red skin has a bumpy texture and feels weirdly natural. The white skin had a carbon fibre look to it (dbrand calls it White Carbon). At, you can find all their current colours and textures.

Our skins for the Nexus 5 are available in a custom-selected range of exclusive, textured materials. From black leather to gold, powder-coated red, even mahogany… you’ll be sure to find one that matches your style. Pick a device, then mix and match colours and textures on our interactive purchase page. 

The guys (or a robot, I still don’t know) at dbrand wanted me to have a look at their Nexus 5 skin colours. Here’s a look at the ones I tried out on my phone.

Skins are a clean way to make your phone look and feel custom. It also made my phone feel smaller. Usually when you have that level of protection and coverage, you’d have to install a case… which adds bulk. I’ve always been a case guy. Now, I love the feel of the phone as their creators intended them to feel. Sleek, thin and uncompromising, but with the added benefit of it being protected from all sides from scratches, sharp objects in my pockets or small bumps and drops. Oh skins, where have you been all my life.

Do you sport a skin on your device? Have you had any success or failure stories with skins? Let us know in the comment section below.