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Droid-Now.com is a website dedicated to everything Android related. We hope to bring you latest updates, news, stories and many other interesting topics.

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Droid-Now.com is getting bigger by the month with more than 67 000 visitors a month, and over 271 000 page views per month. Combined with over 800 Facebook fans, 780 Twitter followers, you’ll fit right into our growing community.

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We don’t wait for important updates or when announcements are made. We scour the Internet, projects, stay in touch with developers, checking our inbox constantly all to bring you the most relevant news and contest as fast as possible.



Passionate Readers

Droid-Now.com has readers from all around the world, all areas and aspects of life. Our community is growing and so is our enthusiasm about helping amazing Android community.


Motivated Writers

Droid-Now.com is manned by writers who are very motivated and engaged in Android community. Some of our writers still attend school while others are enjoy life to the fullest. For the list of all our authors please visit our Authors page.


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We try very hard that Droid-Now.com is available to as many people as possible. We have phone and tablet optimized website that is already available. Of course don’t forget our Facebook pageTwitter account and our Google+ page where new articles are published live.



The Experience

At this time Droid-Now.com runs on shared hosting, but we are planning to switch to Cloud server that will bring 99.99% uptime with fast response to every user around the world under immense traffic. The site itself is built on open source blooging software, WordPress.


Feedback is Welcomed

Do you have a cool idea, want to ask a question, or send us a tip? Visit our Contact page and we will reply as soon as possible.

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