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Ivan is an Android fan, passionate blogger and the founder of Droid-Now. Being an Android enthusiast you will find him spending most of the time catching up on some reading, and when he isn't doing that, he likes to have a quiet evening with his wife. Watching a movie or having dinner at a local restaurant.

AEE SD22 MagiCam Review

AEE SD22 MagiCam is a waterproof 1080p HD action camera with an affordable price tag of 63.99€ at The trend of shooting adventure sport in video exists for a while and the leader of adventure cameras has been GoPro camera series, but we have some news players in this Continue Reading

ADV. SOUND M4 Review

ADV. SOUND M4 earphones are produced in China by New York company ADV. Sound, and you can pick them up with a price of 46.99€. In the package you will find everything you expect from a good earphone package like tip options from hard to silicone, single or multi flange Continue Reading

Syma X5SC review

Syma X5sc is an upgraded version of X5c which is a excellent flyer with very good flight capabilities, and it will provide very good anti-interference photography and video recording. You can also find X5sc-1 version which is the same model but in a smaller packaging to lower shipping costs. The Continue Reading